InHelix integrates with Face2Gene to improve CNV analysis

July 14, 2016
Diploid & FDNA

LEUVEN, Belgium — July 14, 2016 — Diploid today announces an update of InHelix, its software for CNV analysis in rare disease diagnostics. InHelix now integrates with Face2Gene, a software platform that facilitates detection of facial dysmorphic features from facial photos. The integration between the two apps allows clinicians to directly access and use dysmorphic patterns detected by Face2Gene from within InHelix, making CNV analysis more accurate and efficient. In addition, InHelix users can auto-import general patient information.

“Face2Gene has been a game changer in rare disease diagnostics” says Dr. Aimé Lumaka, Diploid’s CMO. “It has finally introduced an objective, computer-aided dimension to the science of dysmorphology. Numerous clinicians report that it helps them to establish a correct diagnosis that might not be considered otherwise. As a tool for CNV analysis in rare disease diagnostics, one of InHelix’s strengths is to integrate as much phenotype data as possible. By interfacing with Face2Gene, we are making it even easier for our clients to leverage phenotype data, strengthening our lead in this area.”

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