FDNA Announces New Grant for Genetic Testing of Patients with Unknown Diagnosis

March 14, 2016

Grant available exclusively for cases uploaded through the Face2Gene Online Unknown Forum

FDNA Inc. (Boston, MA) announced a new grant program for patients with an unknown diagnosis. Under this grant, FDNA will sponsor for genetic testing to be performed for patients with cases uploaded through the Face2Gene Online Unknown Forum.

The announcement was made at the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida and coincided with an announcement made at the Diagnostic Challenges session.

“FDNA is committed to making a positive impact, not only in the field of genetics, but also in the lives of patients,” said Dekel Gelbman, FDNA’s Chief Executive Officer. “These grants for genetic testing represent real hope for patients in our Face2Gene Online Unknown Forum, many of whom have exhausted their options for finding an answer to their symptoms.”

FDNA is inviting reference labs to join this initiative and extend this philanthropic effort so that more patients can get relief and conclude their diagnostic odyssey.

Genetic testing grants will be awarded to five patients, based on selection of a review committee made up of expert dysmorphologists.

Individuals and institutions interested in learning more about these grants, or who wish to partner with FDNA in this initiative can contact FDNA at info(at)FDNA(dot)com.

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