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Timing is critical for rare diseases. The time patients wait for a diagnosis. The time a clinician spends searching for answers. The time it takes to develop new treatments.

What if we could speed that up? We could save lives. We could improve the quality of life for millions of people. That’s what we want to do in 2017, the Year of Discovery.

Every patient has their own story; their own journey, their own symptoms, their own genes. Technology now exists to learn from those stories to help recognize these syndromes and find answers faster. Face2Gene is that technology and we are devoted to using it to find these answers. Each month from March through December, we will partner with a different advocacy group, labs and clinicians to focus on particular types of rare diseases. We will be telling those stories, raising awareness, driving donations while helping teach Face2Gene to make new discoveries that will help future generations.

Every case and every story is important. Every time a patient’s case is analyzed by Face2Gene, the non-personally identifiable information will train the system to recognize new phenotypes, facial characteristics and genes. This information will increase awareness and understanding of rare diseases that will have a tangible impact on the future. Our goal, with your help, is to fully understand all rare-diseases.

Can we count on your help?

Healthcare Providers: Sign up to analyze your current and archived cases to drive discoveries and charitable donations.

Patients & Parents: Ask your doctor to include your story.

Everyone else: Get involved on Twitter.

Participation Drives Donations

The Year of Discovery lab partners are donating $1 for every case uploaded to the initiative to select advocacy groups. Check out our lab partners to learn more about their work:

About Face2Gene and FDNA

Face2Gene is a suite of phenotyping applications that facilitates comprehensive and precise genetic evaluations. FDNA uses facial analysis, deep learning and artificial intelligence to transform big data into actionable genomic insights to improve and accelerate diagnostics and therapeutics. With the world’s largest network of clinicians, labs and researchers creating one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive genomic databases, FDNA is changing the lives of rare disease patients. Learn more at

*All donations are provided directly by the participating sponsor in such month and at its sole responsibility. Amounts may be capped to a maximum in each month, at the participating sponsor’s sole discretion.

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